Arts, Crafts & Plants Trail 2021

Saturday 22 May : 10am – 1pm

Arts Crafts & Plants

Children’s Fun Trails

Find the answers to the clues, write them on the grid, and see the missing word appear!  For younger children, small groups of ducks are sitting in front gardens and need to be spotted, counted, and crossed off on the paper pond.

Trail sheets can be printed at home from the OTRA website or picked up from 38 Oakmount Ave, 21 Leigh Rd or 31 Blenheim Ave.

Download Fun Trail 1

Cakes, Drinks and Toys at 15 Oakmount Avenue

Stop by our stall for some refreshments –  drinks and covid safe bakes will be on sale! There will also be some high -quality toys on sale, looking for a second home.

Plant Sale at 38 Oakmount Avenue

Chris and Clare have a large variety of vegetable and plant seedlings ready to plant out. Rooted cuttings and divided plants. Many grown by Chris and Clare but more than they need for their allotment plus a variety of plants and seedlings from neighbours. (Clare says – “We’re not sure till the day exactly what there’ll be but there’s always an interesting variety!”)

Clare & Christine
Clare & Christine delivering sunflowers, leaflets and smiles

Eco Tips at 42 Oakmount Avenue

Lyn has made lots of big and little changes to her home, that make a real difference to our planet.

Brief talk and questions in front garden of 42 Oakmount Ave at 10am and noon. Then 6 people at a time can walk round to back garden to see the new Air Source Heat Pump, rat-proof compost bin covers, linked water butts, and grey water collector.  In the front garden will be our tandem, cargo bike, Repair Cafe info and examples of veg boxes that are delivered to the Triangle.

If your gas boiler is 20+ years old, an Air Source Heat Pump is what you may want next, so come and find out more about options!

Honey and Beeswax at 24 Oakmount

Oakmount Triangle honeycomb – likely to have pollen from your flowers! + other bee products.

Crafts and WI Stall at 7 Oakmount Avenue

Highfield WI has been in existence for 10 years and meet on a Monday once a month at the pavilion in Portswood Residents Gardens.  Find out more at their display.  There will also be locally crafted items on display with some for sale.

There will also be a window-mounted display at 58 Blenheim Avenue of items made by the Highfield WI Craft group during lock-down.

Fine Art Printmaker at 4 Leigh Road

Margot is a fine art printmaker working from her studio at home. Some of her work will be on display & for sale, both prints and greetings cards. You can also view her work on Instagram & her website

Real dinosaur footprints at 8 Leigh Road

Don’t miss the dinosaur footprints in Jenny and John’s new front garden.  You can also collect the flyer on the Geology of the Triangle from here.

Oil Paintings at 15 Leigh Road

Having realised that she would never completely master watercolour, Pat decided to take up oil painting 2 years ago.   Lockdown has provided plenty of time to improve her technique.

Pat will be joined by Hilary (Oakmount Avenue) who is displaying her paintings. Hilary uses acrylic paints and is a member of St. James Art Group.

Photography at 21 Leigh Road

Martin has taken up photography in retirement. He will have a few of his photos on display and a couple of his prints will be for sale.

There will also be a display of photographs by Keith Palmer, a licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.  The display will include a slide show of more of his work, which can be purchased.

Paintings at 21 Leigh Road.

Christine started painting 2 years ago and has painted her way through the various lockdowns.  She has lost count of the numbers she has painted.  A selection will be for sale.  Members of St. James Art Group have also kindly donated cards and paintings for sale.

Quilts and Upholstery at 9 Blenheim Avenue

Following retirement, Josie trained in upholstery and now spends her spare time doing up chairs. She also loves sewing and makes quilts. Quilts and chairs will be on display (not for sale).

Made in Here at 10 Blenheim Avenue

(or on the move in Ernie the milk float!)

Cecilia curates artisan local and sustainable products. Her creators only use environment-friendly, sustainable ingredients. And the same goes for materials and packaging.  She sells her goods from her website, and from her distinctive electric milk float, Ernie.

Model Planes at 18 Blenheim Avenue

Richard has been designing, building and flying radio-controlled model aircraft for 50 years.  Some recent models will be on show.

Embroidery at 18 Blenheim Avenue

Diane has been stitching since she was child and has been a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild for many years.  Some of her recent work will be on display.

Book Stall at 31 Blenheim Avenue

Good quality books (hardbacks and paperbacks) will be available to buy at the book stall. Plenty of bargains! Bring your bags!

Kate Whyley Designs at 54 Blenheim Avenue

Kate turns screen printing, painting, drawing & technology into design on quality, ethical and sustainable materials within its product range of designer notebooks, twilly satin scarves and cotton knotted headbands.


Profits to Oakmount Triangle Residents Association and to Southampton Food Bank.

Social distancing will apply. Don’t forget to bring cash and bags for your purchases.

For further information – Clare Price 07719 065895 or Christine Benning 07956 040621

Please bring plants for sale the day before or earlier if possible and leave by the garage or under the porch at 38 Oakmount Avenue.
Why not decorate a tree or shrub in your front garden to celebrate the event?

Please bring your good quality books to Jenny at 31, Blenheim Avenue – either ring the bell or leave in the box in the porch. Jenny is happy to pick up your books, just ring her on 07792 267426 and she will collect them at your convenience.