Character Appraisal and Management Plan

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This is taken from the original yellow leaflet. We are reviewing this with a view to updating Both the plan and the summary.


The City Council adopted a Character Appraisal and Management Plan for the Oakmount Triangle Conservation Area on 17 March, 2008. The document identifies those features which give the area its special character and provides guidance and direction on appropriate forms of development. This guidance must now be taken into account when planning applications from the Triangle are determined by the City Council. OTRA played a major part in its preparation and welcomes the new policy which strengthens the designation of the Conservation Area.

The full document can be found on the City Council’s website by searching under ‘Oakmount’. This leaflet is intended to notify all residents of the existence of this important document. However, OTRA is pressing for printed copies to be made available to residents, possibly at a nominal cost.

[EDIT] Note that the document is now available on this site from the link at the top of this page. If you would like a printed copy please contact us here.

All of us appreciate and value the special character of the Triangle and want to see it protected from unsuitable and unsympathetic change. While the guidance in the Character Appraisal and Management Plan does not prevent modernisation and improvement of homes, it helps us to appreciate those features of ow- homes which are most important in giving the area its character. It gives guidance on how the changes and improvements we wish to make can be done in ways that are sympathetic and appropriate to the area as a whole, while ensuring that the changes which we make do not inadvertently and cumulatively erode the Triangle’s special appeal.

Factors Contributing to the Triangle’s Special Character

These include:

  • Street views of traditional-style brick garden walls overhung with a variety of mature shrubs and ornamental trees.
  • Predominance in older houses of red bricks and pebbledash render beneath clay-tiled roof.
  • Gables over tile-hung bay windows, prominent chimneys, verandahs with painted wood balustrades.
  • Many original casement windows (with toplights and generously projecting details).
  • Decorative front doors.

Threats to the Character of the Area Identified in the Character Appraisal

  • Unsympathetic infill development.
  • The cumulative impact of minor changes by householders removing or changing the features listed above as contributing to the area’s character.

The most damaging of these ‘minor changes’ are the removal of garden walls and the replacement of front gardens with hard-standing for cars, with the consequent loss of the trees and shrubs so important in the street scene. Other significant changes are the removal of chimneys, alterations to roofs and unsympathetic replacement windows.

Planning Permission

Most of the older properties in the Conservation Area were included in the Article 4 (2) Direction made by the City Council in 2006. This means that owners must obtain planning permission before undertaking what might seem to be simple maintenance or  minor works, but which might nonetheless affect the character and appearance of the property. On the reverse of this leaflet is  a tabulated  giu de  to  the  changes, which may require permission. There is no charge for applications where permission would not have been required without the making of the Article 4(2) Direction.

Homeowners considering improvements or undertaking maintenance work should find the Character Appraisal and Management Plan helpful in identifying features of their homes which contribute to the area’s special characte1 and find guidance on what might be considered sympathetic and appropriate ways to undertake maintenance and make alterations.

* Written answers to planning queries can be obtained by completing the City Council’s form Do I need Planning Permission? obtainable on the City’s website or from the Gateway in the Civic Centre.

* [EDIT] (Sadly) this may no longer be the process. 

Character Appraisal and Management Plan