AGM Tonight - OTRA constitution changes

Will you be able to attend the AGM?

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Pete Thomas

Yes, finally it looks like we can have an indoor meeting. We have scheduled April 2 at 7:00pm Highfield Church Hall.

We obviously don't yet know whether COVID restrictions or guidance will change but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We will take precautions based on the current situation and ask everyone to be considerate towards others, many of whom may be vulnerable. Masks, vaccinations and a test on the day are advised. We have booked the larger of the rooms in order to have plenty of space and air.

OTRA will supply liquid refreshments (soft drinks and wine/beer). Depending on the guidelines at the time it has been suggested it may not be wise to have the usual "American Supper" (bring food to share). That may depend on what concerns we all have but if we do, everyone should be extra careful about hygiene and be aware not to use cutlery that may have already been used. Based on the Green Event we held in September I don't think people considered it a problem then, but we will of course listen to any safety concerns. Your opinions and ideas on this are welcome so please post below.

This is a chance for OTRA to discuss what we have been up to and also get your questions and opinions on matters that concern us all - conservation, crime, parking, speeding etc. We are also looking into having a guest speaker

It's always good to get together with residents and we will endeavour to make the committee "business" as short as possible so we can crack on with the social event. The Triangle community is very special in that regard and we like to take every opportunity to meet up and get to know each other (watch out for some more street events this year)

Above this post is an RSVP form. Please tick the box to let us know if you can make it or not, then click on the green SUBMIT button. You will be able to change this at any time. A rough idea of numbers is very useful for use in regard to catering and setting up.

Pete Thomas

Yes, finally it looks like we can have an indoor meeting.
We have quite a few RSVPs, but also some apologies, which is understandable as COVID refuses to go away.

Agenda is attached, as well as updates to the constitution which has been changed (see red text on attached doc)

Please be considerate to our vulnerable members. We must still be careful so:

  • We have the larger hall
  • We will ensure good ventilation
  • Facemasks are very welcome and a very good idea!
  • You are encouraged to take a test and check it is negative before attending
  • People are bringing food to share, but it is up to everyone to be aware of hygiene.
  • Use your own plates cutlery, and glasses, as usual.
  • If you prefer to just bring food for yourself, no problem


  • OTRA AGM 2022 agenda.pdf
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  • OTRAConstitutionOct2009 rev 2022.pdf
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Pete Thomas

Reminder - the AGM is tonight.

We will be voting on the constitution changes so please see the document attached to the post above and print out for yourself if you want a paper copy at the meeting

Likewise the Agenda.

We will have a few paper copies at the meeting but in the interest of conserving paper we suggest that you print out your own so we don't end up having too many.