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Art and Crafts Trail or Stall

Lyn B

pic of table - there are 2 and one is slightly broken but put it up carefully and it's fine!


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pic of table - there are 2 and one is slightly broken but put it up carefully and it's fine!
Thanks Lyn - they look great. Judging buy the numbers of books (thanks!) coming in I will probably require more if anyone has them please. Please let me know Lyn when it suits you for me to pick them up.
Jenny, what's you address? I'll pop by with some books and say hi.
31 Blenheim Lyn - yes please do - not tomorrow (Thursday) though as I will be at the University.

Lyn B

Jenny - I'll aim to pop down on Saturday. I also have 2 solid garden tables so if 2 people wanted to carry one you could use one (I'll get one moved to my front garden for me to use). The collapsible tables won't take lots of books! OR call in just after noon tomorrow (Friday) as Christine is coming at noon to see stuff in back garden and I'll be in!

Pete Thomas

I have now published a map on the main OTRA events pages showing where the stalls will be.



Toni Rolles

Looks fantastic and only sorry we won't be here. But next year Chris can show his cameras, crystal set radios, ancient medical instruments, clocks, watches - all the things i've been stepping over and around for the past 50+ years.When allowed if anyone wants to come and look he'd be delighted.


Hi all, I wondered if anyone had any tables we could use at 15 Oakmount for our stall? I can see some have already been lent to Jenny for the books. If none available in this group, I can post on the main notice board.
many thanks