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OTRA Noticeborad Common Sense

Pete Thomas

From Simon Hill

A reminder of the working parties on Weds 18 Oct. 13.00-16.00 and Sat. 21
Oct 10.00-13.00 - meet opposite end of Omdurman Road or if late find us
where we will be working - opposite Avenue Campus, near Highfield Avenue -
or somewhere in between!

The weather is too changeable to predict yet - but ring me just before if
not sure.

We shall be concentrating on

a) completing clearing around trees opposite the Avenue Campus and lifting
canopies so that grass cutting machines can pass underneath; and

b) clearing the edges to the cycle path to restore the full width of

c) clearing under the large specimen oaks on the edge of the open are next
to Highfield Avenue.

Don't forget to put the further dates in your calendar:

Saturdays 10.00-13.00

2017 25 Nov, 09 Dec

2018 13 & 27 Jan, 24 Feb, 10 & 24 Mar

Wednesdays 13.00-16.00

2017 22 Nov, 13 Dec

2018 10 & 24 Jan, 21 Feb, 07 & 21 Mar

Hope you can make some of these (if not all!).

I again attach the latest Action Plan that indicates the main tasks for the
winter, which I will identify in more detail in each working party reminder.

Best wishes


Common Sense convenor

Simon Hill

33 Highfield Road


SO17 1PJ, UK

0044 77 6660 1713