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Grow a giant (sunflower)

Clare Price

To advertise the plant sale and art and craft trail (May 22) - Chris Benning and I have delivered flyers and sunflower seedlings to all houses. This year there will be the added interest of a giant sunflower competition - if you would like to take part just plant out your sunflower and adjudication will take place on 31 July.

If you have more family members who want to take part let me know and you can have more seedlings OR you can grown your own from scratch. Ideally grow in the front garden to make a good display in the triangle and to make measuring easier. However - as we delivered the seedlings today several residents said because their house faced north they wanted to grow their sunflower in their south facing back garden - that's fine - but the only rule is that I have to be able to measure the sunflower on 31 July.

Good Luck

Dave White

Thanks Clare! Ours has already been safely planted in a south facing bed in the back garden. We will provide you with a covid safe route to measure it!