Help needed

Anne is in the process of turning the jungle at the house back into a garden at 26 Oakmount so we can have pictures taken for the house advert later this week, and we have heaps of green waste. Would anyone who has space left in their brown bin be so kind as to share this with us? The other problem is that we are in quarantine, so we would be super grateful if you could bring the bin around. Thanks in advance, this would really help us.
Communication by email ( or mobile (07521428386) is also possible.


Hi, our brown bin is currently empty & I’ll wheel it up this morning. It has a number 6 on it so should be easy to identify. If you want to put it on the pavement outside our house in time for tomorrow’s collection!

Toni Rolles

Our bin is pretty full but if you have the energy to fill sacs and leave them at 19 Blenheim we can put them in the bin for the next collection! Dont think we have any major garden works to come.

Lyn B

We can take a bag of grass and compostable bits - but both our compost bins are quite full. I have a bag I can bring round if you want. No sticks, no bind weed, no tomato plants though! And no thanks if you've used any pesticides or anything on your garden (i assume you haven't!)
Thank Toni and Lyn, much appreciated. I think we should just be OK now but if we need, we'll take on your offers. And indeed Lyn, we are not using pesticides!

Clare Price

Hi - Anne mentioned flowerpots and bamboo canes to Chris - yes - we’ll take anything gardenwise to recycle to other neighbours or for plant sale - let us know if you want us to collect or just leave by our garage. We are going to our daughters tomorrow but around the rest of the week. Clarex