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Musrooms or Toadstools ?


In a relatively undisturbed part of our garden we suddenly have a number of fungi growing, which hasn't happened for a long time. Are these fungi edible ? and if so what is the best way to prepare them? Or are they dangerous ? in which case how should they be disposed of ?

I know nothing about mushrooms, except that we buy mushrooms regularly from the supermarket and enjoy putting them in casseroles, etc. But these don't look like the button mushrooms in the store, so what are they ? Help, please !
image1 (1).jpeg

Pete Thomas

A friend who collects wild mushrooms had a look.

Maybe Clitocybe or clouded agaric (looks like the gills may have gone down the stem a bit but slug damage???)

He seemed to think you might regret having them on toast.
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Thank you, Peter. We didn't have them on toast - hoping for advice ! I think we will quietly dispose of them. It must be result of the recent wet weather which has caused many other things in the garden to grow tremendously, including our very sorry loking lawn which had suffered terribly in the hot dry early summer, but is now almost passable !