National Park City Project - gardening volunteers

Pete Thomas

Following Christelle's presentation at the AGM which has attracted a lot of interest, here is the link for the survey:

We are very keen to support this.

People can also go to the website if they want to sign our charter, or follow the social media, donate or subscribe to the mailing list

See here:

NB: I have invited Christelle to the discussion forum so she may be able to answer any questions here.
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Lyn B

The street closure was booked because of this, but no one has offered to help yet! Please do! Any ideas welcome, and people needed to clear the street and sit by closures. Thanks!
What are the timings Lyn? How many stewards are needed? Just to clarify there will be road closure signs that need monitoring as opposed to people sitting in the road. Did you say there'd be a plant sale?

Lyn B

We're putting out signs "Road open to ...." and bins from 3pm in order to try and keep vehicles out. Bunting up, marking cycle route, etc. Then 6pm folky ceilidh band then 7 or 7.30 til 8 samba band. We have game ideas for inbetween! Bring deckchairs and drinks and food if you want. There's a small group of us but be great to have more people - especially if people are new to the area do come along from 3 to have a chat by our signs. The annual plant sale starts then and carries on until the street closure for the jubilee.