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Neighbourhood lending scheme for tools etc.

Pete Thomas

I wonder if people see any value in encouraging a scheme whereby residents can lend/borrow gardening and diy tools. This could be useful especially for larger expensive items like hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, steam cleaners.

It would need some guidelines, e.g. borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss.

So anyone who wants to be involved can post that they have an item to lend. (We can put that in the residents only area of the forum if people are concerned about publicising the fact they own various expensive power tools.

Could this be a workable scheme? Is anyone interested?


It's an interesting idea and already happening between neighbours. Anybody is welcome to ask us and we'll happily lend, with lengthy explanations that the equipment is temperamental and needs kicking or shaking if not responding.:)

Pete Thomas

What I'm thinking of would extend the usual immediate neighbourly lending/borrowing.

Something we could advertise here, as well as being useful it may also broaden our (in many cases) already vibrant community social interaction. Perhaps something to bring pip at the AGM to get an idea of how it might work, who is up for it etc.