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"Nextdoor Highfield"

john b

I have recently received a flier from the above, as I am sure many residents have. There may be much overlap with subject matter that Otra deals with. Does the committee have a view please whether this is a useful additional string to our bow or needless duplication !?

Pete Thomas

It does seem at first glance like there could be needless duplication in regards to the triangle, which could also have detrimental effect on what we are trying to achieve with the community discussion here.

On the other hand, it covers the Highfield area generally so could be useful for some things (a wider catchment group for swapping sofas and pet lost/found notifications.

Note we already have our own secure Neighbourhood watch bulletins and discussion, along with reports from/to the Highfield Crime watsapp group.

It seems to be potentially a good scheme though for areas that do not already have their own community groups.