Events Oakmount Triangle "Green Trail" Sept 25

Pete Thomas

Following on from the recent Arts, Crafts and Plant Sale we are planning another trail, this time the Oakmount Triangle Green Trail (Repair & Re-use). Residents can give/sell/swap unused items (jumble, books, CDs, school uniforms etc...anything legal).

We are coordinating with the Southampton Repair Cafe and there will be "pop-up" repair stalls to which residents can bring along anything that needs repairing, either on the spot if possible or for advice. This may include jewellery, bikes, furniture, appliances, garden tools and more...

We are hoping for some live music from Saints Brass band at the top of Oakmount Avenue and/or marching...

The date we have is Sat Sept 25 (3 - 5 p.m.) with an option to postpone to following weekend if weather is bad

This is what we are proposing so far:
  • Top of Oakmount Avenue closed off. The closure will go on into the evening so we could have a social - people bring chairs, picnics etc...
  • Resident Garage/jumble sales - Residents can put stuff out to give/sell/swap. These can be individual or joint front garden/garage sales or else donate to a central "jumble hub." Maybe garden produce?
  • We will ask for resident volunteers to host a Repair Cafe popup repair stall on their drive (will need electricity).
  • Kids trail again
  • Maybe a tea/cakes stall as before
  • Possibly invite Scrapstore and Jamie's Computers to set something up for collections
  • We will invite the SCC conservation officer to drop by to answer residents' conservation questions.
Also anyone who help with:
  • Help with leafleting
  • Other (offering light refreshments or open garden etc. as before)
  • Looking after the street closure (a few volunteers to do small shifts)
  • Any other Ideas! (e.g. open gardens worked well last time)
Again, please get in touch or discuss in this thread. Thankyou!

People will be free to donate towards OTRA and Repair Cafe, especially if you actually sell stuff or get it repaired. Whether you are involved with sales or repairs or not we hope for it onec again to be a nice informal social thing with people wandering around the trail and being social.
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I can put out books and bricabrac in my front garden for sale with proceeds to charity, and happy to help leafleting - great idea!

Clare Price

Happy to be involved - our drive isn’t very wide but you’re welcome to use it plus electricity- let me know what you need me to do. Cp


Kids’ trails
Please can you let me know (preferably texting 07828440054 to avoid multiple messages on this group) if your children or others that you know of did the Kids trails last time and if so, which one(s): ducks for younger children or the ‘writing‘ one.
I'm happy to prepare more, or something a bit different, but would like to know they are wanted. Also feedback on difficulty levels of previous trails, plus any suggested improvements, would be very welcome.
Thank you,

Pete Thomas

A huge thanks again to everyone! It looks like we made very close to £500 over £400 (EDIT: sorry, I thought ther was more to come in but no :( ), will update when I have a more accurate figure (so many two bob bits to count)

Big thanks to the organising committee: Lyn, Clare, Katrina & Jonathan (tea & cake stall) , Ceri, Martin plus of course Cecilia (with Ernie) picking up so much stuff.

Toni, Jill, David, Nicola & Andrew, Rod, Michael, David, John & Annette.
Cakes: Isabel, Fran, Toni, Sue, Jill
Samosas: Salmar.
And everyone who donated stuff, bought stuff or turned up and helped make it another great social. And of course all those who stayed on to help clear up!

Thank you.





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