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Plant Sale - update

Clare Price

Dear Triangle

To date we have raised £240 for Southampton Food Bank - thank you very much. I will send this to them straight away.

I will continue with the plant Sale for two more weeks (until the date of the sale should have been) as we still have plants coming on and I receive plant donations to the quarantine zone daily - thank you. If you have any spare seedlings and are planning to donate I would therefore be grateful to have them by 16 May - particularly tomatoes as we haven’t had many so far and lots of people are asking.

Thank you again for your support - May be we’ll be able to have a just a coffee morning later in the summer or a Christmas drinks get together.

Christopher and Clare Price


I would just like to thank Clare for all her hard work organising the plant sale this year in very difficult circumstances. It surely took a lot of hard work growing a lot of plants from seed, sorting out the quarantining of plant donations and then selling them and sorting out the donation for the charity. Thanks again and well done!

Clare Price

Thank you- it’s been worthwhile as we have raised £530 in total for Southampton food bank. Thank you to everyone who donated plants and who bought plants.