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Jo Barnard

Hello neighbours ☺️ We have just moved in with my Mum, Paula Knight, to look after her and make the house more suitable for her going forwards. We have been trying to find a plasterer who is experienced in working with lime putty or whatever is required on these old walls. Do any of you have any recommendations? Best wishes Jo (+ John, Riccardo & Sophie)

Pete Thomas

On the internal walls most plasterers these days will say that is unnecessary, which is debatable of course. I discussed this with our builder who will use lime outside but not inside.

My understanding from him is that the old lime plaster theoretically works well with old building techniques that used more porous (clay) bricks, lime mortar etc. and the concept was that the structure was "breathable" in that it damp could get in but there is ventilation so it would then dry out quickly. Modern techniques are more about making the house sealed, well insulated but not "breathable"

So it does seem on the face of it to make sense not to mix these techniques (which is why it's not recommended to point exterior lime mortar with relatively impermeable sand and cement)

But one thing is that the walls in most of these houses now have cavity insulation, which already works against that breathability. The other thing is we mostly have central heating and often double glazing, so issues such as condensation that might otherwise arise from using modern materials are not an issue.

This could of course all just be an excuse to not use lime which can be very unpleasant to work with, but I do think there is some truth in it. We had a lot of walls replastered with regular modern plaster and had no problems.

The main thing for us was finding someone who can do the coving properly.

It's been years, but this is the info I have: Ernie the Plasterer 07710 565560 -
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