Sunflower competition

Clare Price

Note to all - wind forecast- stake your sunflowers! We didn’t have very promising sunflower this year but the wind has snapped it off!

Also due to some residents going on holiday I have been asked to measure a couple of entries early. I am planning an early measure on Sunday morning 25 July 10 am and the main measure on Saturday morning 31 July from 10 am.

Let me know a time on either day if you need me to visit your back garden otherwise Christopher and I will walk round and measure front garden entries between 10 and 12 on Saturday 31 July.

Good Growing

Hi Clare, mine is also in the back garden, 9 Leigh, I can provide the double extended ladder and help with the measuring. Is the early measurements also like the early knockout stages of the Euro football with just a couple in the final/main measurement on the 31st.

Clare Price

Yesterday I did a “pre-measure” walk round the Triangle to get an idea of numbers and there are some super sunflowers growing and some that could do with a bit more watering!

So this is just a reminder that if you will be away on 31 July and your plant is in the back garden I will measure from 10 on Sunday 25. The main measuring will be on 31 July 10 - 12 and if your plant is in back garden let me know if you haven’t already.

(In the event of a tie both plants will be awarded champion status but we will measure girth for overall “Triangle Star” status.)

Keep watering


Clare: Fran has grown a pretty tall one in our back garden at 12 BA and we will be here to give you access on 31 July. We are unfortunately unable to mount a protection (from wind) rota! Bernard