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Telegraph poles & wires

Pete Thomas

There was a question at the AGM in regard to whether we can get the unsightly telegraph poles/wires removed, ie are they still necessary.
I have been research this and the short answer seems to be yes.

The Triangle is served by underground fibre optic cables by Virgin, which can be routed directly into the house for little or no fee and so bypass the need for the old copper cables. However their system is not compatible with any other provider so they don't share with or sublease to other companies. (No surprise there).

BT Openreach (which BT and most other providers rely on) only provide fibre to cabinet, which then needs the copper wires to distribute into the households.

NB: Virgin refer to the provision of optic cables as Fibre To The House (FTTH), Openreach refer to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

So basically, unless everyone in the Triangle switches to Virgin then we are stuck with the overhead wires.

However, there is a scheme whereby a "community" (which we may well be :) ) can apply to Openreach via a voucher system, and if enough applicants (individuals and businesses) apply then Openreach may consider installing FTTP for the Triangle

The form to apply is here:

I presume at that point we could then apply to have the poles and wires removed.
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Pete Thomas

Further to the above I have now discovered another company, Hyperoptic, who can lay fibre cables but currently they are only accepting applications from buildings not single residences. A building would include an apartment block of 30 plus dwellings and at least 20% of residents need to apply before they will lay the cables.

So theoretically the flats at the top of Westbourne/Oakmount may qualify (how many apartments in each block?).

If anyone reading this who lives in the flats or knows somebody who does, please contact us and we may be able to start the ball rolling.

Note that Hyperoptic can supply staggeringly fast Broadband (1 GB)

Hyperoptic told me that if such buildings do get served, then at that time the existence of their cable in the street may make individual residence applications more viable.