Using the forum part 2 - email notifications

Pete Thomas

Email notifications of new messages

By subscribing to (aka "watching") a thread or a forum you can be notified of new messages by email and/or alerts on the forum. Alerts will show under the bell icon next to search in the navigation menu.

How to Subscribe to a thread

Click on the Watch button at the top of each thread you want to be notified about when there are new answers.

You will know if you are already watching a thread because the button will have changed to UNWATCH instead of WATCH
  1. This allows you to reverse the process and
  2. It let's you know you are actually watching the thread.
Note that if you reply with a comment in a thread you should be automatically watching it.

NB: by default, you are automatically subscribed to any thread you start or reply in. This means you will get email notifications of any new posts in that thread. This option can be disabled in your profile area preferences.

Subscribing to all threads in a specific forum to a Forum

If you would like to automatically receive notifications of new posts/messages in a specific forum section, for example Gardening or General Discussion then please subscribe to those forums (AKA "watch" them).

To do this click on the forum name in the forum list here, and as with individual threads click on the Watch button. We recommend you select "New messages" and email notifications.

In same cases (e.g. Neighbourhood Watch and OTRA Noticeboard, members are automatically subscribed by fdefault when you register.

You will know if you are already watching a forum because the button will have changed to UNWATCH instead of WATCH


Your email notifications only continue if you visit the thread which the notification refers to. So if you don't visit the thread you won't get further notifications for messages in that thread until you do visit it.

New Posts

When you visit the OTRA forum, you can see a list of recent posts by clicking on New Posts

For any technical support please ring 023 80554406
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