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Jonathan C


We would like to re-do our driveway - it's currently asphalt, which is too dark for our liking, and also damaged in places, and we would like to replace it with some bright/nice block paving. We would ideally like to get the application process underway over the summer.

I believe we will need planning permission for this before we start any works. Will we also need any additional OTRA / Conservation Area approval? Any information that anyone can provide on how and what we need to do would be greatly appreciated.

We are, of course, keen to ensure that the character of the neighbourhood is preserved.

Thanks in advance


Pete Thomas

Thanks Jonathan.

You don’t actually need OTRA approval. We can only advise not dictate. We can support or object to planning applications but the final decision rests with the planning officers.

If you discuss with the committee first (use the contact form link below - feel free to email or phone) then we can give you informal advice on how best to make a successful application.
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In addition to Pete’s advice above it might be worth trying to engage the conservation officer (Jon Willets). He will be asked to contribute to the planning decision so it might be good to understand his views before applying. I’ve always found him really helpful when we have had questions.