Overview and Historical Maps

The area that comprises the Oakmount Triangle conservation area formed a small part of the estate of South Stoneham, first defined in an undated charter of c1000, and then defined in more detail in a charter of 1045. By 1127, part of this area had been granted by Henry I to the Augustinian canons and their community at St Denys, and the demesne was further increased by later grants, notably by Stephen (1137). Following the dissolution of St Denys’ Priory in 1536, the main part of the estate was acquired by Francis Dautrey and acquired the name of the Manor of Portswood.

The manor then passed through a succession of owners and was gradually broken up. The Highfield House Estate was one of the fragments.

Map Overlays (1658 – 2019)

View the interactive overlays which show you how the area has changed and developed over the years, and see how much is left of Highfield house.

Maps from 1658, 1846, 1868, 1910, 1911, 1933, 2017. Click on a thumbnail button to change the map

What’s Left of Highfield House?

Mouseover or use the slider to view before and after development

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