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Map Overlays (1658 – 2017) Click on a thumbnail button (on the right) to change the map   What’s Left of Highfield House? Mouseover or use the slider to view before and after development  

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The Oakmount Triangle was built in the early part of the twentieth Century on the site of Highfield House and its triangular shaped grounds which bordered to the  south east with Westwood House, to the north east with Oakmount and to the west with Southampton Common. Highfield House itself originated about 1810. This pleasant and agreeable villa was […]

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John Smith

John Smith (1855-1926) was a controversial figure. Described as leading a quiet life and being connected with the Congregational Church on the Avenue, he was absorbed in his construction business. ‘By enterprise and keen business acumen’ he expanded his firm into probably the ‘largest of its kind in Southampton’. At his death, it was estimated […]

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When John Smith and his associates bought the Highfield House Estate, it had been advertised as ‘offering to Building Societies, Syndicates, Speculators, and others a splendid chance of purchasing for immediate development, as the estate possesses, unquestionably, building features of a most exceptional and valuable character, rarely to be met with’. Although the area was […]

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