Planning Breaches

If you notice any breaches of planning, please contact us as we can evaluate the breach and make a formal complaint.

Residents are also entitled to complain privately to 

Please not that if you notice an apparent breach that is currently, or about to be, taking place and so requires immediate action you should notify OTRA right away as we are able to make contact directly with the officer, without going through the slower channel via the above email link.

We have been asked that residents should use OTRA as a single point of contact in these “emergency” situations rather than contacting individual officers yourselves.

Planning Breaches

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Disclaimer: This is purely for unofficial guidance. None of what we can tell you can be taken in any way as permission or authority to carry out works. OTRA cannot be held liable for any work you may carry out based solely on the information on this page. If in any doubt at all you can contact us for informal but non-legally binding advice, but for official advice and permisson contact Southampton City Council. This is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information. This can not be assumed to be a comprehensive list or entirely up-to-date and currently accurate. More detailed information about the features which give the triangle its character can be see in the Character Appraisal & Management Plan