Santa in the Triangle 2020

OT resident Cecilia is organising a Santa drive by in her milk float. Yes, milk float! (you may have seen it in Blenheim Avenue) . All SCC licenced and safety checked:

The objective being to bring a Christmas feel to the streets and allow children to see Santa. Collecting for Communicare, a Southampton charity.

It will take place on:

  • Tue (Bitterne)
  • Wed (Portswood/Highfield inc Oakmount Triangle)
  • Thur (Shirley)

Approx 5 – 7 but we’ll update this thread when we know approx time in the triangle. But you may well hear it approaching anyway. Please alert your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. All welcome, (naughty or nice).

We will be playing xmas music from the milk float and have a weather-proof amplifier (Tks Jo) BUT if anyone knows musicians please ask them to get in touch and join in (but sadly singing is not allowed due to COVID).

Kids & other halves can join, my lot have decided to cycle (they will be faster than the milk float)!! Tinsel on bicycles can be fun, hey!

Thanks, Cecilia