Planning permission✔︎=Yes
Maintenance & Decoration
Maintenance without changes to materials/appearance - like-for-like*✖︎
Changing wall facing material (e.g. removing or adding rendering, pebbledash, hanging tiles)✔︎
Repainting doors or windows, other joinery & walls already painted.✖︎
Painting of unpainted walls fronting road✔︎
Replacement windows and doors fronting road✔︎
Replacement of gutters/rainwater goods✔︎
➤ Repointing

Appropriate lime mortar should be used for structural as well as for aesthetic reasons.
Paths, drives & hard-standing
Installation or extension of hard-standing for vehicles.✔︎
Provision of new front path or driveway.✔︎
Paving-over/hard-surfacing in front garden
There are rules in regard to drainage. Download guidelines here
Changing paving material, e.g. brick paving?
Paving/paths in back garden✖︎
Gardens, shrubs & trees
Planting of trees or shrubs

➤ Check with Building Control regarding proximity to houses.
Removing/lopping of trees*✔︎
Pruning or removal of shrubs✖︎
Changing garden layout without adding paved area of front garden✖︎
Erection/alteration/removal of sheds or conservatories in rear garden.

➤ Depends on the size and is especially pertinent when neighbours' view or sunlight is affected.
Front garden walls, fences,gates & gateposts
Maintenance without changes to materials/appearance - like-for-like*

➤ See above (pointing)
Removal, alteration or replacement ✔︎
Installation/erection of new✔︎
Maintenance without changes to materials/appearance - like-for-like*

➤ Including painting doors a different colour
Replacement door/s✔︎
Roofs & chimneys
Re-roofing/alterations to roof and eaves.✔︎
Installation of roof lights✔︎
Addition, alteration or removal of chimney✔︎
Installation of solar panels and/or photovoltaic cells

See below
Front porches & verandahs
Erection/alteration/removal ✔︎
Glazing to enclose ✔︎
Satellite dishes & EV charging

Installation/alteration/replacement of satellite dishes?
Electric vehicle charging points

See below